Venue Security Plan:

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Venue Security Plan:



Today, venue threats have shifted from petty crimes and rambunctious conduct to something entirely different.Threats can come from anywhere – terrorist and militant groups, radicalized individuals, random gun, and knife violence, etc.


And as recent security events have shown us, this is not unique to any one place or country. There were the Paris attacks where gunmen attacked revelers during an Eagles of Death Metal concert, leaving 89 people dead.


The Orlando nightclub shooting where a lone gunman killed 50 people and left dozens more injured. The shooting rampage by a teen in Munich that left 10 people dead. Also, the recent attacks at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester which claimed 22 lives.


Knife attacks across Europe and the United States have become the norm, not to mention the dozens of other horrific attempts that we hear about on the news every other week. Yes, the world has changed. And everyone, not just events professionals, now realizes venue security is critical to a successful event regardless of its nature.


In a world of heightened security concerns, organizers need to ensure safety is the last thing on their attendees’ minds. From barely an afterthought, venue security has grown into a best practice that impacts an event’s success.


Venue Security: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever The silver lining in the wake of these tragic events is that everyone has come on board – hotels and other meeting venues, event organizers, security firms, and more — to keep guests safer. Today, every event planner wants the assurance that their attendees will be safe and sound.


And the best planners know all too well that providing the best security involves participating in all phases of the event, and not just event days. This entails taking what FEMA calls an “all-hazards approach”, which addresses all aspects of “natural, technological, or human-caused incidents” while keeping the amount of disruption to a minimum.


If you’re experiencing any of these situations, you’ll want to consult with a security guard company. They can help provide you with a plan on how to protect your business.

When selecting a security guard company be sure to talk with one that is licensed and insured in your state. This will protect your business from any legal liabilities.


Proper planning and risk assessment are very much part of a venue security plan, whether you’re planning a large-scale event or smaller meeting. This could cause in-depth site visits by the events planner


  • Hire A. White Security Services to monitor your home.
  • Use an automatic timer for interior and exterior lights.
  • Install dead bolts on all doors.

  • Check all locks and windows as well as set alarm when leaving residence.
  • Never hide keys outside your residence.